Benefits of 50 mg British Dragon Anavar

If you are planning about undergoing Anavar cycle for fitness issues but have a lot of questions regarding its regulation and availability, you have come to correct place for enquiring about it.  A lot of controversies and speculations are raised regarding the use of hormonal regulatory or dietary supplementation products, majority of which are not true and simply raised to create confusion among first time buyers who have no idea about the effects and control of these products. To clear all the possible doubts, you should first upgrade your knowledge with some basic facts. You have obviously heard about Anavar, but then what is British Dragon Anavar? Is it a different supplement all together or the same one with another brand name? The latter option is actually true since British Dragon Anavar is the commercially available name for the generic drug Oxandrolone, which is a synthetically manufactured steroidal product with unusual abilities to rapidly burn extra fat from the body and support the preservation of lean muscle mass. Anavar is popular for its amazing health benefits including increased stamina and body strength, power output, high energy levels, enhanced athletic performance and greater endurance capacity. Click here to get useful information regarding the regulation and administration of the dosage cycles of British Dragon Anavar.

Is it true that British Dragon Anavar builds strength?

It is already a known fact that Anavar is a gentle acting anabolic steroidal product that works best in a woman’s body due to its mild effects and absence of aromatization effects. Such a function ensures that more of estrogen is not converted into testosterone to impart male-like features in women, which is such a big boon for female fitness enthusiasts who wish to build their muscles and stamina without any testosterone regulating masculine results. The 10 mg Anavar pills are effective as much as 50 mg tablets of British Dragon Anavar, since both of them impart fairly gentle effects on the body with lesser risks of causing health hazards.

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Many male body builders and athletes prefer the use of synthetically produced testosterone supplements along with the dosage cycle of Anavar in order to get greater and more enhanced bulking effects. The recommended dosage cycle includes 50 mg of Anavar taken along with 500 mg of testosterone every day to produce visible muscle building effects. If the dose strength of Anavar goes less than 40 mg, it becomes really hard to produce satisfactory bulking results in men.

Are there any side effects associated with Anavar?

A lot of people have praised the gentle actions of Anavar since it does not cause excess retention of water within the cells. Instead, it helps in retaining more and more amount of nitrogen within muscle tissues mostly for favouring the production of several crucial proteins to support muscle growth and development.

If you are thinking about regulating British Dragon Anavar, you should know that any strength of the product will give beneficial results in females as much as 50 mg dose. It is a safe steroid and is mainly preferable for girls.


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