Deer Antler Velvet Extract – Nature’s Gift

Did you know that deer antler velvet extract is good for bodybuilding? The researchers have confirmed that this extract contains certain extremely natural elements that are known to support the manufacturing of new muscles and boosts the stamina. This is one of the prime reasons as to why the bodybuilding supplements containing deer antler velvet extract are gaining huge popularity with time. So, enrich your knowledge about this natural extract, which is in the spotlight nowadays.

Get to know the product better

In China, deer antler velvet was used for medical reasons in treating various problems like joint inflammation, injury recovery, hypertension, joint health, memory, infertility etc. This antler velvet is harvested from the antlers of caribou, moose, elk, and deer. In order to gather the antler extract, the velvet skin covering the antlers of the animal should be clipped without causing any harm to the animal. This ingredient can also be collected from antlers which have just broken off or from antlers of animals which have recently died. The extract collected should be frozen immediately. It helps athletes to increase the strength of the muscle and at the same time also improves the recovery time after exercise. These days, in many of the countries, it has been seen that deer is raised not only for the sole purpose of meat but mainly for the supply of deer antler velvet extract.

The ingredients

The chief ingredient found in this extract is IGF-1 which is important for the growth of cells, cell division, replication, rejuvenation, and repair. These cells can be of your nerve, bone, and muscles. The other ingredients it contains are a selection of vitamins along with minerals and herbal components like Long Jack, amino acid, and TribulusTerrestris. Here both Long Jack and TribulusTerrestris boosts the production of testosterone and enhances the libido.

Deer antler velvet extract for bodybuilders

In the growing stage, deer antlers are enriched with nutrients like amino acids and other growth factors. As per the medical research, these ingredients have a lot of contribution towards building muscle size and strength. This is the basic reason why bodybuilders have gladly embraced this natural extract in the form of powder, pills and even spray. This deer antler extract helps them to attain that accelerated muscle growth, enhances their performance and also boost their overall stamina.

The various uses

As per the research, you can take around 2 to 6 capsules in a day that contains 215mg of deer velvet extract. The usage of deer antler velvet extract was supported scientifically in agreement with FDA regulations for its ability to treat arthritis. Other uses include boosting immunity, providing rejuvenating effects, improving the body’s blood circulation, anti-aging, providing cardiovascular support, accelerating the muscle growth and development, repairing the connective tissues and muscle fibers, provides support to the joints and the connective tissue like collagen etc. Due to this huge list of benefits, the ingredient has gained so much popularity amongst the athletes.

So, include this natural extract in your daily routine today and see the remarkable difference in a few weeks.

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