The Interesting Truth About Azolol Supplements Sold By The British Dispensary In Thailand

Does the name of Azolol sound new to you? Basically, it is a very well known anabolic androgenic steroid that works as a true friend to the professional bodybuilders. You might know it better by the names Stanozolol, or Winstrol. Bodybuilders prefer taking it for burning fat, as well as to gain physical strength.  This makes it a superb option for cutting cycles.

What Do The Reviews Say?

You need to understand that Azolol, which is readily available as Azolol 5 mg is actual Stanozolol. It is not a supplement to this anabolic androgenic steroid. You can find a number of online reviews that real users leave. And you can get super quality products from certain reliable service providers. For example, it is sold by British Dispensary in Thailand among others. However, every good thing in the world comes with a reasonable price tag. Even this product is no exception to the rule. However, its relatively high price does not act as a barrier to its sky-rocketing demand. Athletes love taking is both in its oral form, as well as in its injectable version. The interesting thing about this steroid is that unlike many of its peer anabolic androgenic steroids, Azolol typically contains identical ingredients both in the vials, as well as in the pills. Hence, both of them are equally efficient. Of course, athletes, by and large, prefer taking the oral pills, instead of the painful injections.

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Taking Azolol Winstrol

Whether you take it as pills or as injections, the optimum dosage of Azolol remains more or less same. Men would optimally stick to a daily dosage of 40-100 mg a day. You can determine the dosage as per your fitness level, history of steroid consumption, as well as your sensitivity towards it. Similarly, it is safe for women to take it in between 5 mg and 15 mg a day. If you are considering stacking Azolol while on a cutting cycle, think of this very effective combination. Mix 50 mg of the supplement with 20 mg of Cardarine and 30 mg of Oxandrolone. Use this combination daily along with N2Guard. You need to take 7 capsules daily to get the best results. It is a very effective stacking option for the beginners. However, it is meant for oral consumption only. If you are taking injections, then you might want to combine 50 mg of the supplement with 20 mg of Cardarine, along with the standard dosage of N2Guard capsules. You will need to supplement the dosage with a 600 mg of Primobolan Depot and 500 mg of Testosterone Cypionate. Take it on weekly basis for 6 continuous weeks. Follow up the cutting cycle a four week of identical drug mixture. However, you need to take it without Azolol.

Results To Expect

The Azolol pills sold by British Dispensary in Thailand have anti-estrogen properties. They work to help you lose stubborn body fat. As an incentive, you can stack it with various other steroids. Also, this variety of supplement can lower the level of SHBG (Sex-Hormone Binding Globulin) than many of its peers. SHBG often makes the stacked steroids less efficient, by ‘binding’ them. And this is a problem that Azolol efficiently does away with.

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