Sustanon Testosterone Cycles – A knowhow

Sustanon testosteroneis also called as Sustanon 250. This is considered as an older form of the steroid testosterone. Even though this can be use for the treatment of Hypogonadism, it is not used in US. This is because of its high potency. Hypogonadism is nothing but low levels of testosterone in the body and testosterone injections were mainly designed and used only for treating this issue. Sustanon is an ideal testosterone preparation.Even though there are many other forms of testosterone, even today these are used for the same purpose in medical treatments.

Sustanon Testosterone Cycle:

In the United States, Sustanon testosterone can be purchased only through prescription like many other steroid injections. But there are underground laboratories which produce this and people even get it from black market as well. These are becoming popular because of this drug’s effectiveness in enhancing athletic performances, and its benefits for weight lifting and bodybuilding.

Since there is potential for abuse, these kinds of uses are not recommended by either medical community or by any sporting associations. Based on the number of esters attached, newer forms and the testosterone and the Sustanon testosterone is differentiated. With an intention to sustain the effectiveness of the drug, esters are attached to the drugs. This may also affect the time span of the drug’s effect in the body.

Sustanon is an ideal testosterone preparation.So, this drug is available in many forms with a difference of the attached ester. Drugs like Testosterone Acetate or testosterone Undecanoate come with single ester. These are mainly used in the treatment of Hypogonadism. Sustanon testosterone comes with 4 esters.

Today even in US Sustanon is mainly used by bodybuilders. This helps in enhancing the level of the hormones which are responsible for boosting stamina, endurance, strength, and growth. But one important to thing to remember is the effects of this drug also depends on the individual’s health condition and many other factors. There will not be any significant effects if the user’s hormonal levels are already normal.

Following are the four esters attached to Sustanon testosterone. Below are the details of the esters present in Sustanon 250

  • Testosterone Decanoate – 100 mg
  • Testosterone phenyl propionate- 60 mg
  • Testosterone Isocaproate – 60 mg
  • Testosterone propionate – 30 mg

The esters present in this drug may have different half cycles.

Side effects:

Majority of the drugs come with side effects especially the drugs which can affect metabolic function and hormone production usually come with significant side effects. The negative effects produced may target certain organs and tissues in this case.

Male testes produce testosterone and in case of women it is ovaries. There will be surprising negative affects if a person who is having normal testosterone levels takes Sustanon testosterone. One more thing to remember in case of steroids is that more is not better.

Mood change is the common side effect caused by intake of steroids since they are also hormones. They always lead to changes in emotions and mood. One may also experience side effects like erratic mood, irritability, and aggression.

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